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The power of influence


Recently I have spent time with an amazing lady, friend and Artist Rebecca Yoxall. She came back in to my life about 18 months, ago, around the time that I had decided to make some big changes to my chosen artistic path. We are both on opposites sides of the scale when it comes to style and preferences – I am quite dark, she is light, fresh and bold with colour. On paper, you wouldn’t think that 2 people with such apposing themes and styles should be able to work together but we share the same principles, values, goals and ambitions. Her studio is where I host my evening classes (Winnington Hall), which has some really fantastic history, which, when you look at it – in particular the acclaimed artist/critic John Ruskin taught there during its period as a girls school –  makes perfect sense as to why it simply feels right.

Anyone that has been witnessing my development over the past 18 months would probably agree that there have been some significant changes to my style and presentation. That’s mainly down to me spreading my wings (alot) and meeting people, researching, watching, learning and soaking up what is happening around me both physically and online. Another artist that I have admired and gotten to know better is a gentleman called Rob Schamberger, the resident WWE artist. Aside from being a bit of a fan of wrestling, I am moreso a fan of his artistic style and journey. The simplicity of the work mixed with his eye for capturing movement in colour is brilliant – there is something just so right with his style that works perfectly with the wrestling image.  Having admired and spoke both these artists over time of course I am going to be influenced by their style and application, I credit them both for giving me a fair whack of confidence to try new things and keeping Phil at The Northwich Art Shop in custom!

One of the negative things that I have come across is that some mistake influence for ‘copying’. I hate that term with a passion. I for one have no desire to copy anyone, emulate or try to be anything other than myself. I have my own interests and passions, and I think (well I try anyway) to make that come across in the art that I produce. Being realistic its obvious that no matter what your industry, you will see other that do what you do, its a big wide world out there and there is room for everyone to blossom. Artists need to learn from one another in order to grow. Too often I have seen online showdowns between artists/creatives where they are screaming at one another because they both produce items to cater for the same fan base. Its just unnecessary and creates negativity all around. Having the right people are you that are influential in some way can only serve to enhance your wellbeing and work, it breeds creativity and gives you a focus. Positivity breeds positivity!

For me my journey personal. I follow lots of little paths with the dream that it leads me to just the one, who knows, I might meet another artist tomorrow who will have the same positive impact on my work. Maybe I am that artist who has that impact on someone else? that would be pretty cool if so.  I am also far more settled with the subjects that I pick, and have taken a conscious step back from commissions. That in itself is another little nod to where I am heading.

I am very excited for my future, and I hope you all continue to support that.

Lea x

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