5 days in…

My aim was to look at different mediums and techniques which (in theory) should help me develop in areas maybe I’ve neglected thus far. The first image was a random pick from a book at the Winnington studio where Bec Yoxall teaches and I host my evening class. Ironically she also picked a similar image! Then day two. Now this was interesting. I was home, most of my paints etc tucked away and sat on a chair behind my kitchen table were my Derwent Graphiks pens. My instincts kicked straight in and I went head first into a fashion style drawing. Now I’m no designer but fashion illustration was my thing back in college, it was what I wanted to do originally. It got me thinking about how and why I seem so naturally drawn to Chris Guest and his work, I LOVED life drawing and female figures, it’s just been buried in the deep resesses of my mind for such a long time that it’s taken a natural reaction to something quite basic of a challenge to reawaken it. Last years dabble with tattoo models barely scratched the surface – maybe I wasn’t ready to explore it? Maybe this artistic challenge will allow that.

Day 5 and after a long day I simply forgot about creating something (oooppss), then i remembered last year I’d purchased an app called Artrage which enables you to create digital art on a handset or tablet. A quick 5 minute mess about produced the last image. Bingo. That’ll do! This was a challenge in itself using my little finger and a squint to try and put marks onto the screen rather than usually on paper or canvas. I’ll be revising this again soon for sure.

There we are for now. Good progress. Enjoyable and making me think alot more creatively. It will be pretty cool to look back over the blogs and images after the 100 days are over. 

Lea =)