Allow me to introduce myself….

Born Aug 1979. Dad a Stokie, Racing driver. Mum knicker maker. Cheshire. 2 younger brothers. Relentless bullying over my last name. Last year of Primary Mr Ellis changed my world. Art. High School. music. More bullying. More Art. Good grades, FAILED Art. Lolz. Youth club. Cars, school door ways and fields, 20/20 and white lightening. Met future husband and Bertha the Micra. Amazing summer. Art college. Kwik Save. First car, inspired art. Fashion Specialism – QUIT. Job in transport. First house. stalker. Sold up, made a profit. Wedding. Paddy the Labrador! Moved to banking. MG, Subaru’s. Infertility. Max the Labrador. Tears. Ruby born 2008. Back to work. Internal job changes. Then internal health scare. Tumour. Major Surgery. Not cancer! Work change again. BIG legal issue. BIG stress. BIG mistakes. Got a degree. Started a ‘hobby’. Quit the day job – no compromises. Self employed. SHIT WHAT NOW? Converse. Bags. Comic Cons. Celebrity signings! RWFANFEST -Friends for life! Wrestling, more signings. New amazing art!! Robbie Williams coffee art. Shit got serious.. birth of style. Met Robbie! Mystery Guns N Roses tickets. Vicky Hamilton OMG. Painting for Slash. Painting for Keifer Sutherland. Shit just got real…

Why reach for the stars when you take take the whole galaxy 😍 life won’t be the same again ✌

Cheshire, UK