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The power of influence


Recently I have spent time with an amazing lady, friend and Artist Rebecca Yoxall. She came back in to my life about 18 months, ago, around the time that I had decided to make some big changes to my chosen artistic path. We are both on opposites sides of the scale when it comes to style and preferences – I am quite dark, she is light, fresh and bold with colour. On paper, you wouldn’t think that 2 people with such apposing themes and styles should be able to work together but we share the same principles, values, goals and ambitions. Her studio is where I host my evening classes (Winnington Hall), which has some really fantastic history, which, when you look at it – in particular the acclaimed artist/critic John Ruskin taught there during its period as a girls school –  makes perfect sense as to why it simply feels right.

Anyone that has been witnessing my development over the past 18 months would probably agree that there have been some significant changes to my style and presentation. That’s mainly down to me spreading my wings (alot) and meeting people, researching, watching, learning and soaking up what is happening around me both physically and online. Another artist that I have admired and gotten to know better is a gentleman called Rob Schamberger, the resident WWE artist. Aside from being a bit of a fan of wrestling, I am moreso a fan of his artistic style and journey. The simplicity of the work mixed with his eye for capturing movement in colour is brilliant – there is something just so right with his style that works perfectly with the wrestling image.  Having admired and spoke both these artists over time of course I am going to be influenced by their style and application, I credit them both for giving me a fair whack of confidence to try new things and keeping Phil at The Northwich Art Shop in custom!

One of the negative things that I have come across is that some mistake influence for ‘copying’. I hate that term with a passion. I for one have no desire to copy anyone, emulate or try to be anything other than myself. I have my own interests and passions, and I think (well I try anyway) to make that come across in the art that I produce. Being realistic its obvious that no matter what your industry, you will see other that do what you do, its a big wide world out there and there is room for everyone to blossom. Artists need to learn from one another in order to grow. Too often I have seen online showdowns between artists/creatives where they are screaming at one another because they both produce items to cater for the same fan base. Its just unnecessary and creates negativity all around. Having the right people are you that are influential in some way can only serve to enhance your wellbeing and work, it breeds creativity and gives you a focus. Positivity breeds positivity!

For me my journey personal. I follow lots of little paths with the dream that it leads me to just the one, who knows, I might meet another artist tomorrow who will have the same positive impact on my work. Maybe I am that artist who has that impact on someone else? that would be pretty cool if so.  I am also far more settled with the subjects that I pick, and have taken a conscious step back from commissions. That in itself is another little nod to where I am heading.

I am very excited for my future, and I hope you all continue to support that.

Lea x

Vicky Hamilton – Former Guns N Roses Manager!

Social media really is life changing. A lot of people don’t get why I HAVE to spend so much time on it, not only sharing my artwork out to the world but also searching out opportunities and ways to connect with people. It was only last week that I saw an event that on first look appeared too good to be true – Vicky Hamilton was in the UK and you could go along to her signing for FREE?? I quickly re-jigged my diary and snapped up a ticket. I really had no idea what to expect, after all this was rock royalty we are talking about, a lady who previously managed some of the worlds greatest rock bands, including Guns N Roses. The location was a Virgin Money Lounge in central Manchester so taking the train on this occasion was needed, trying to park in central Manchester is nigh on impossible and expensive if you do find a spot. Now, I have been to a few signings, usually a throng of people snaking around every corner possible so I planned to arrive early so I could get a decent seat. Turns out being an hour early wasn’t really needed, there was no queues or people waiting, just the host Peter Cook ( to my left ) setting up the event. Bonus! we got talking, sharing a mutual interest in Bowie and general chit chat about being a creative person in business. I got a couple of his books too, there is new world right there that I am ready to explore – maybe that early arrival was the universe’s way of telling me that I had a reason to be there early.

It was a lovely place, quiet and intimate. There was probably no more than about 20 of us, and we were treated to some food from Lobster & Burger next door, along with some refreshingly cool Pimms. Was this really happening? Signings are usually mad affairs of haste and bodies trying to get to the front. The first thing that struck me about Vicky was how beautiful she is! a very quiet lady, reserved – I am not sure what I was expecting but she had me drawn in from the first words she spoke. Listening to her read from her book ‘Appetite for Dysfunction’ was surreal, from the moments before Axl, Slash, Duff, Izzy & Steven were heading to sign their record deal with Geffen Records, to Vicky talking about the moment she met Nikki Sixx of legendary Motley Crue. I felt myself nodding in agreement to lots that she talked about when it comes to working and dealing with creatives, but it was that particular part that I listened a bit more intent. She also recalled a moment watching Prince perform on a pedestal over a roller rink. This made me smile not only as a derby skater but also a creative that would totally try something a bit outside the box. Vicky said that meeting Nikki was the catalyst to change, the person and time where she said to herself ‘This is it, my life will never be the same again’. She just knew, a deep intuition, something special was ahead. Many dismiss the notion that others can make change in your life and that success comes down to hard work and that alone. To this part I agree to an extent however I truly believe that in life special people come your way to guide you, some teach you lessons that bring positivity, some bring negativity but equally forming the path your life is intended to go and fuelling your journey. Maybe you are reading this and totally dismissive of the power of spirituality but take a look at the people in your life and the path you are walking. Is that really what you want? You can make a change if its not – I started my journey with no money. zero. I left a highly paid banking job to create art and all the lessons I learn along the way between dropping out of art college to where I am today were gearing me up for what is in store in my future. Right now I am about 4 chapters into her book and the more I read the more I KNOW I am doing the right thing.

Right at this very moment I cannot tell you if I have met my own Nikki Sixx, but I am 100% confident that I will and maybe its not that far off. I often get told to ‘paint this person and tag them, they are really popular!’ and whilst it’s a really good idea and its great that I am surrounded by people that care and want me to succeed but, I don’t want to be ‘Insta-famous’ like some other artists because that is all they will be eventually known for, just another artist who followed the crowd. I would much rather be focused on my passions, the things that put fire in my belly and ignite my imagination. When I just turned 16 and starting out at art school I would day dream about creating pieces of art of Guns N Roses for a living, having once told a tutor and being laughed at for being unrealistic. Fast forward 20 years and here I am doing just that. Ok, maybe not on a massive scale or even being well know for it but I am heading for good things and Vicky instilled a confidence in me that its right be to be exactly who you are, no compromises.

Meeting people is important. Network! don’t dismiss what you don’t know. You never know who you are going to meet. Something special happened in that room that day, I cannot wait for what is next…..

Lea x

Workshops and classes

What a brilliant time we have been having on my new classes! They are now a weekly fixture, every Monday. Everyone is welcome if you fancy coming to try it out.

Free Art


Who wouldn’t want free art? and how do you get your hands on it? All work I produce carries the potential to earn a seller ‘commission’ so if you know someone who has a pub, shop, gallery, office etc who appreciates a little bit of art and would like to brighten up their walls then pieces are available on a loan out basis either individually or as collections for a set period of time.  Anyone actively wanting to sell my art on my behalf is more than welcome to do do – and will be rewarded – either monetary or with credits towards your own piece you want or even a commission. How easy is that! If you’d like to find out more then please get in touch here.

Speak soon!


Chris Guest Workshop

I mentioned in my last post that I was going to a workshop to learn more about oil paints with the brilliant Chris Guest. What an AMAZING day! Chris is a uniquely talented guy with a really distinctive style.

The course was from 1pm to 6pm so I arrived into Liverpool early to take a look around the city and do a little bit of shopping. Its not often I get to spend time or money on myself so it seemed an ideal opportunity to do so. The convention was held at the Britannia Adelphi Hotel (remember the TV show??), an Edwardian Hotel in the hear of the City – very beautiful and big! Our studio for the day was bright and airy with a fantastic view of the city, and the perfect size for our group. There was a diverse mix of people there, from different professions and walks of live – that in itself speaks volumes for the power and appeal behind Chris’ skills and the appreciation for amazing art. Chris began by introducing himself and talked a little about his style, influences and ‘how to’. He made it simple, straight to the point and easy to replicate. I have found in some tutorials that often the tutor over complicates the process and the application gets lost in translation. He gave us a selection of images to choose from – I picked the piece of the stunning model Cervena Fox ( seriously, go look her up on Instagram! ) , looking at all the other images I thought I picked an easy one… how wrong I was!

We quickly got to work, firstly being shown some painting techniques and some ways to effectively create colour and tone, and then application to the board. All artists have their own very unique way of doing things, there is no such way as right or wrong and having the opportunity to see how others work is a great enhancement to your skills. It has been many, many years since I last worked in oils ( probably last in 1997!) so it was great to get that refresher however I had forgotten just how much effort it takes to get it blending without over-doing it and creating a muddle puddle. With some time and Chris coming around giving pointers and nuggets of knowledge, soon enough I was getting the the hang of creating my piece.  As you can see from the pictures it went through some varying stages of change. I would of never imaged it ending up the way it did, probably because I am so used to the medium of acrylic and its fast drying, thinner and quicker handling. Looking back, if there had been more time I would of liked to detail it a bit more.

I learnt a great deal that day, not only the technical side of oils but also how someone can teach you something so effective even if you have little or no experience. Its really struck a chord in my own personal journey and i’m now making some plans for myself for the future not only in my own work, but in venturing towards a new pathway I had never considered before. How exciting!

Lea =D

Chris Guest Workshop - Cervena Fox Portrait

All the learnings!

I really cannot WAIT to get stuck into the next course that I am booked onto! This Friday 6th May i’m travelling to the Aldelphi Hotel in Liverpool where the annual tattoo convention is taking place. I’ll be spending an afternoon being coached by the brilliantly talented Chris Guest.  His work is truly beautiful and I am hoping to learn more about oils and the techniques behind such fantastic art. You can learn more about Chris here

Bret Hart UK Tour


I think that pretty much sums up the whole experience… it really was brilliant! a HUGE thank you to all the promoters who took my art onboard for the nightly auctions (HS Present, Triple M Promotions and NE Sporting Events) – it really did mean the world for you to allow me the opportunity to share that time with you.

So what happened? well quite alot really, all the unique artwork was snapped up. I have nothing left of Bret at all other than a couple of prints and the 1 piece (Brothers) that I created for myself last year that I had signed (the limited edition prints are long gone!), and also another commemorative watercolour piece that features his niece Nattie. This really was the moment i had been waiting for since I was about 11 – to say that you have met and spent time with your ultimate hero is overwhelming and indescribable.  I met some fantastic people over the past week, made new friends and saw parts of the UK I had never seen before, Edinburgh was beautiful and I’d highly recommend a visit if you have never been before. The weather was great also for the duration, I clocked up 1200 miles going to Edinburgh, Cardiff, Nottingham and Leicester so having good weather made the journey’s pleasurable – I enjoy driving anyway, hence why I’m always up for a road trip!

It was also tinged with a bit of sadness on those journey’s, I heard the breaking news over the passing of WWE Wrestler Chyna, British comedy legend Victoria Wood and the Iconic Prince, and also that someone I know lost her husband in unexpected circumstances. No-one really knows when their time is up, there is no time limit, expiry date. This is why I truly think that it is important that we chase our dreams and goals, go out and make the time we do have meaningful and worthwhile – even if it involves making big or small changes – it really is worth it. I can vouch for it!



Latest Exhibition

I have a small exhibition currently at The Penny Black (Wetherspoons) in my home town of Northwich, it is titled ‘Not in this life time’ and is kind of a celebration of the Iconic rock band Guns N Roses reforming and going back on the road. I’ve mixed it up a little bit too, not only with size but also with some mixed media – some acrylic, some watercolour and a dabble of oil. I’m still very much exploring different techniques and styles but its all with my own take on it. It runs from April 4th to May 2nd and is free to go and view. This then moves onto the Red Lion in Winsford for the duration of May and also during may I will have some pieces exhibiting at The Artworks Gallery in the Old Nat West Bank, Witton House, Station Road, Northwich. Not quite decided what will go there but each piece will be available to purchase.

RWFanfest Exclusive Art

Its nearly time for RWFanfest again! some of you already now that for the past two years I have been involved in this amazing Robbie Williams fan movement called RWFanfest which fundraises exclusively for The Donna Louise Trust in Stoke On Trent. This year the event is once again centred around Burslem in Stoke, and will feature an exhibition of art and quite a few social events including a tribute & gala night. This piece of art is the first piece to be revealed for the collection, and each will be auctioned off with profits straight to the charity. You can keep upto date with the event and auction by joining the facebook page here and purchase tickets to the weekender too! Please do feel free to contact me if you wish to place an advance bid for this if you are not a social media user.

More pieces from me to follow…..



Christmas – The best or worst time of year?

I absolutely LOVE Christmas. I love everything about it – ‘that’ feeling of excitement knowing there is someone who has something really special from you under their tree or winging its way from Santa. Being with your family, friends and people who make you smile. Time off from work, a few days to slow down the pace a little……… but is it really like that? It seems times are changing. People hate being forced to spent time with others they really don’t want to, pressured into buying gifts that seem slightly over inflated in price in the run up that then get reduced as soon as the first seconds hit Boxing Day. Why are people getting up to head to sales at 5 am??

If I have learnt anything in this past 3 years of working for myself, is that you value things more. I really don’t need ‘stuff’ as much. You learn to understand the real cost of things, you are responsible for your income so if its not needed, you don’t buy it!  Your hours are longer, less ‘sociable’ so that free time with your loved ones is precious. So yes, I still love Christmas – infact I love it a lot more because I appreciate its meaning far greater than ever. Sit back and enjoy the time, it won’t come around again.

Love Lea x