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Of course wrestling is fake…


Gosh didn’t you know that?? Why, everyone knows that surely?! Growing up as a fan of the WWE (back then WWF) and WCW, all I saw were men throwing themselves across canvas against ropes and with another guy equally huge in stature if not greater.  They had brightly coloured outfits that dazzled in the lights, pink, green, yellow, electric blue…. some so fluorescent you were blinded by every move. But it was those moves that mesmerised.  Quick as lightening and considering their sizes you’d be convinced it HAD to be trickery.  Right?
There have been hundreds of injuries sustained in the ring. Owen Hart was so severely injured by the ‘fake’ moves that he ultimately lost his life. Lives changed and mapped out differently because of ‘fakery’. Since June of this year, I’ve met and spent time with alot of wrestlers,  many who I watched growing up. Some I’ve looked at and thought how amazingly fit they were, and how I still admired them. What I also saw were men (and some women) who were still carrying the pain and effects of injury. Injuries they took in the ring for our entertainment.  Yes they follow story lines, that’s the showbiz part but there is nothing AT ALL fake about the physical demands and dedication it takes to become a wrestler.
Personally I have an even greater respect for these guys as artists aswell as sportsmen & women. Hours and hours spent daily practicing over and over so they execute moves safely and with precision. I’ve spent a fair whack of time studying their bodies (what an awful job I have..) and you can see scars that run deep and muscle in places that you wonder if there is even a piece of gym equipment capable of doing that?! Let’s not forget the mental stamina it must take to allow yourself to take a beating on top of the aggressive storylines that can sometimes become personal.
So yeah wrestling is, of course, not real. I’m sure many will go away and think that I’m going to have this biased point of view as a fan but how many Olympic sports can you name that are ‘fake’?
It’s a crazy sport full of absolute nutcases and some of the most wonderful and flamboyant characters you’ll ever meet. Embrace it for all its brilliance. I have. And I LOVE it!
Lea x

Its just a job……

Jobs. Most of us have one, in some shape or form. Some low paid, some long hours, some less conventional. I probably fall into the latter category – art isn’t a regular 9 to 5 – or is it? I don’t view what I do as a job as such (yes it pays the bills if i’m lucky) but more of a natural progression of what I was probably intended to do all along.
Since I left my banking career nearly 4 years ago to pursue a vastly different path, its taken 3 1/2 to finally build the courage to call myself an artist. And a professional one at that. Starting out painting shoes, bags and bits of in between. I enjoyed it, was good at it (eventually) and it was growing steadily. I met wonderful people along the way, and some that tried to break me. Towards the end of 2014 and early 2015 there was a wind of change. I suddenly felt detached from it, ‘something’ wasn’t connecting anymore. It had become ‘just a job’.
In the midst of mess that was my studio, I had 3 canvases. I started to paint. And couldn’t stop. There is was…a huge change that I desperately needed. I dabbled in a few different subjects from football to pop stars and then wrestling. I was a big fan back in the day, but it was a long time since I had spent any time really watching. I did a few paintings and they were a huge hit! In particular I was a big fan of Bret Hart – who could resist the leather & pink combo?? So there was my next subject. The one I picked from a book given to me as a gift (Thank You Marty x) which was the one that really did it. Bret with his late brother Owen. Painting that did something deep inside me. Imagine fireworks going off in a locked box. Stirring up a thousand memories, ones that had been locked away and turned off by the grinds of life. Memories and emotions that everyone has which we probably forget that exist until it takes that 1 thing to switch back on. That painting not only reconnected me to my passions but released it into the open. The final puzzle piece! This led to me meeting some of the most amazing people, fantastic opportunities and a future that wasn’t the same as 12 months ago. It was totally unintentional. What i’m trying to say is that what I do just isn’t a job, its not just painting something to make money or grab attention, its just me doing my thing because I totally get it. Absolutely I turn work away if I feel I have to otherwise I wouldn’t be remaining truthful to myself, and then it turns into ‘just a job’
Whilst not everyone has the ability to paint or sing or whatever you consider a natural talent but everyone has passions, dreams and goals. Life is short. Don’t close that box. Keep it open and keep it alive.
Because you just don’t know……
Lea x

There will always be someone better than you….


Yes, it’s true. No matter what your profession, job role or talent there is undoubtedly someone out there better. And I really like that.  Let’s look at it like this… what if everyone was ACE and identically equal in ability? Where would the competition be? What would we have to aim for, or work towards? If we’re all gonna going to be super brilliant then who or what is going to put that fire in your belly to drive your ambition??

Competition is healthy and vital for our own and others growth. Embrace your fellow industry types – you’re following the same path at different rates – don’t push them away and alienate them. Share knowledge,  don’t hoard it. There is more than enough custom to go around the world regardless of what you do, what makes it different is YOU.
Now go and be brilliant just the way you do it.
Lea x