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Back on the road – Guitar shows!


What an amazing couple of weeks! i’ve traded at 2 guitar shows in the past 3 weeks and what a fantastic few days I had at them both. The first one was in Bristol so it meant a 5am start to travel from home and down the motorways. Thankfully the weather was fantastic and it was a really nice journey down, I passed some unusual convoys of cars too, it dawned on me how people of all walks of life and with different passions love to make pilgrimages with like minded people. It was no different for me today!

It took a while for me to get the courage to get back out to conventions after the last one I did – not only was it a waste of resource and prep time but a massive financial loss. I learnt a very valuable lesson! Armed with the information that I had learnt in the past, I looked at this with fresh eyes. New locations and audiences to enjoy. I really did meet some truly wonderful and talented people! not just that, the events were seamlessly organised, nothing was too much trouble and I had a ton of fun enjoying the music that was going on around me. A touch of coincidence happened though, as I was setting up at Haydock there was a huge collection of guitars (of course lol) just in front to the left of me. Straight away I spotted an all familiar signature and knew exactly who it belonged too….. as you can see in the picture above it was obviously fate that I would get to see such a beautiful 1986 Ferrari Red guitar signed ┬áby Slash himself at the Whiskey A Go GO in 2000.

In all, a couple of very successful days. I’ve booked onto more events, Autumn is looking busy. I love being out on the road, meeting people and having loads of fun!

Lea x

p.s – I never bought the guitar lol, but one day….. how cool does it look next to my painting =D

New events

So I’m off out on the road again!! It’s been way too long……

I’m actually really looking forward to these. A fresh challenge, opportunity to meet amazing people, swap notes on being a creative and getting myself out again! I think my last convention was October last year. It didn’t go well at all and I felt very dejected about the whole process of what and why I was doing what I do. I cancelled all the other events I had booked into and simply stopped actively looking for events to attend. When I take a confidence hit I take it hard and retreat back. But I can’t allow that to happen anymore. Nothing is gained from stagnation. Time to rock on!