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Misconceptions – Why Stoke-On-Trent should be proud of Robbie Williams

Most people who know me are aware that i’m a Robbie Williams fan. I have been since the 90’s and his days in Take That. Aside from being from Stoke, ( I am connected to Stoke with my family and […]

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My modern day art world

  I know NOTHING about the art world. I have no idea who the movers and shakers are, whats hot and whats not. The best galleries? most sought after artists or work? no idea. Does that bother you as a […]

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The truth about this mind.

  It’s been a strange few weeks. So much activity. See, when you’re self employed and you feel unwell or you’re injured there is very little you can do but carry on. Keep going. After a while it becomes second […]

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Back to the beginning. Part 1

  Recently I have just started teaching a young lady from a local high school. A very capable and talented girl, she is very certain about her journey with her art and how she approaches it. We talked a little […]

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Back on the road – Guitar shows!

  What an amazing couple of weeks! i’ve traded at 2 guitar shows in the past 3 weeks and what a fantastic few days I had at them both. The first one was in Bristol so it meant a 5am […]

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New events

So I’m off out on the road again!! It’s been way too long…… I’m actually really looking forward to these. A fresh challenge, opportunity to meet amazing people, swap notes on being a creative and getting myself out again! I […]

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Right from the start – Progress – Part 3

November 2012. I was now officially self employed! When I look back over periods if my lifetime, lots of significant things always seem to happen around me in November – special people have passed away, pregnancy, meeting special people.. ..I […]

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A day in my life

‘But all you do is paint pictures all day, its not hard is it?’ If I had a quid for every time I heard this line i’d be pretty well off so I thought i’d actually keep track for a […]

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Right from the start – Back to the beginning part 2

I keep forgetting that when I meet new people, that they really don’t know much about me. who I am, where I am from, what I actually do, it goes way beyond simply painting a picture.. so this is hopefully will […]

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The power of influence

  Recently I have spent time with an amazing lady, friend and Artist Rebecca Yoxall. She came back in to my life about 18 months, ago, around the time that I had decided to make some big changes to my […]

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