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Vicky Hamilton – Former Guns N Roses Manager!

Social media really is life changing. A lot of people don’t get why I HAVE to spend so much time on it, not only sharing my artwork out to the world but also searching out opportunities and ways to connect […]

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Workshops and classes

What a brilliant time we have been having on my new classes! They are now a weekly fixture, every Monday. Everyone is welcome if you fancy coming to try it out.

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Free Art

  Who wouldn’t want free art? and how do you get your hands on it? All work I produce carries the potential to earn a seller ‘commission’ so if you know someone who has a pub, shop, gallery, office etc […]

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Chris Guest Workshop

I mentioned in my last post that I was going to a workshop to learn more about oil paints with the brilliant Chris Guest. What an AMAZING day! Chris is a uniquely talented guy with a really distinctive style. The […]

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All the learnings!

I really┬ácannot WAIT to get stuck into the next course that I am booked onto! This Friday 6th May i’m travelling to the Aldelphi Hotel in Liverpool where the annual tattoo convention is taking place. I’ll be spending an afternoon […]

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Bret Hart UK Tour

WOW! I think that pretty much sums up the whole experience… it really was brilliant! a HUGE thank you to all the promoters who took my art onboard for the nightly auctions (HS Present, Triple M Promotions and NE Sporting […]

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Latest Exhibition

I have a small exhibition currently at The Penny Black (Wetherspoons) in my home town of Northwich, it is titled ‘Not in this life time’ and is kind of a celebration of the Iconic rock band Guns N Roses reforming […]

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RWFanfest Exclusive Art

Its nearly time for RWFanfest again! some of you already now that for the past two years I have been involved in this amazing Robbie Williams fan movement called RWFanfest which fundraises exclusively for The Donna Louise Trust in Stoke […]

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Christmas – The best or worst time of year?

I absolutely LOVE Christmas. I love everything about it – ‘that’ feeling of excitement knowing there is someone who has something really special from you under their tree or winging its way from Santa. Being with your family, friends and […]

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Of course wrestling is fake…

Gosh didn’t you know that?? Why, everyone knows that surely?! Growing up as a fan of the WWE (back then WWF) and WCW, all I saw were men throwing themselves across canvas against ropes and with another guy equally huge […]

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